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How to train resource on Windows Forms Database Application using Visual Basic .NET

I am training a resource on Visual Basic .Net for windows forms because I have developed a software and I cannot find time to maintain it. So I am training a resource so that he can maintain the application, resource does not have programming knowledge. Due to resource background training is started from very basic steps, it may help you as well to train any resource. I am planning to divide the tasks / assignments by days so that it is easy for readers to understand how to give assignments to a resource.

This is based on my experience with the new resource, you may have a resource who is better than mine so you can give more tasks but of-course process will remain the same.

Day 1

  1. Install Visual Studio, guide the developer how to install it.
  2. Explain how to create new project, naming the project location on hard drive etc.
  3. Now briefly explain the Toolbox, Solution Explorer and Properties windows to the resource but remember do not give too much details because at this point developer will not be able to remember all the things.