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Restaurant Management System

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Garments Retail or Wholesale

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Pharmacy Management

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Factory Management

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Manage sales and returns with customer ledgers. Check the reports with the profits in them, so that it is easy to see sales vs profits, makes it so easy to make business decisions.


Manage purchases and returns with Vendor/Supplier ledgers. We track batch numbers, expiries, supplier invoices etc through this module.


Cash & Bank handling is very important for all businesses small or large. You can keep track of your cash accounts and bank accounts using finance module. It is integrated with sales, purchases, expenses so you have everthing covered.


Our double entry vouchers make sure you can never enter vouchers which are not balanced. You can use all the voucher types and chart of accounts are totally customizable.


Tracking your production is not hard if you use our easy to use production module. You can always track and view your production status.


We have reports for every module and you don't have to go through multiple pages to generate reports. One screen is enough to generate all kind of reports you need.


We established back in 2011 and we are continuing to improve.
We have been building module by module and industry by industry to make our software bigger and better. We are utilizing internet technologies to make businesses better and easier. Our solutions are developed to be easy but comprehensive for business needs.

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