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iPhone 6 concept by Unknown

I saw an image today of iPhone 6 concept, looked interesting to me so sharing. You are welcome for the comments.

iPhone 5 Launched on 12-Sep-2012

iPhone has launched its iPhone 5, many people around the world were waiting for it. There were many rumor's about it but those has came to an end now. There was a features concept video made for iPhone 5 don’t know if people remember that now or not. Sharing it to recall memories, I will later discuss the specifications and development details for it.

Now the Features

  • It is 18% thinner (7.6 millimeters) than iPhone 4S.
  • It is 20% less in weight than iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 weight is 112 grams.
  • Camera is 8 mega pixels.
  • Body is made of aluminum and glass.
  • It has 4 inch display which makes it 9 millimeters taller than iPhone 4S.
  • Battery has 8 hours talk time and 10 hours video playback time.
  • You can take panoramic view just by moving the camera.
  • iPhone 5 has iOS version 6.
  • It supports Nano SIM which is smaller than the one supported in iPhone 4S.