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Launch first view every time in iOS application

If you want to show first view on every launch of the application, you can set "Application does not run in background" to "yes" in plist file.

1. Open your project in XCode.

2. Goto "Supporting Files" folder.

3. select plist file projectname-info.plist, it will show you properties on right side. Now click + sign with "Information Property List" to add new property, Type "Application does not run in background" and choose "yes" in the value.

Now your application will show first view on every launch.

Show Hidden Files in Mac OS X

I moved svn folder to another location and was trying to add it under svn at new location. It gave me error and I found a solution that I should delete all hidden folders named ".svn". Then I started to find the hidden folders but could not find them and could not find any way make then visible using settings. I found the solution that if we execute below command on terminal then it will make hidden folders/files visible.

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE